Down The Line

Episode 13 - Student Athlete Spotlight with Austin Rogers (Basketball) and Matthew Wheeler (Baseball)

April 18, 2021 Host Roy Austin & co-Host Chris P. Season 1 Episode 13
Down The Line
Episode 13 - Student Athlete Spotlight with Austin Rogers (Basketball) and Matthew Wheeler (Baseball)
Show Notes

Thank you for stopping by Down The Line presented by Varsity Sports Spotlight.

Podcast host Roy Austin welcomes two collegiate athletes in our student athlete spotlight format. 

We welcome, Austin Rogers, Faulkner University Men's Basketball, Montgomery, Alabama and Matthew Wheeler, Sul Ross State University Baseball, Alpine, Texas.

Austin and Matthew share their story as athletes from the final two years of high school, working through the recruiting process, the transfer portal, COVID and now. Student athletes and the parents of student athletes can learn from our podcast guest. 

Enjoy the show. 

Talk to you soon, down the line. 

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1:00 - Welcome Austin Rogers, Matthew Wheeler

3:00 - D1 athlete going to NCAA Portal 

5:00 - “I was a walk on” 

7:00 - It is hard to get noticed

8:00 - Late Signee as a Senior 

10:00 - First offer as a Junior

12:00 - Going from East Texas to West Texas

14:00 - Broke my foot, got a medical red shirt

17:00 - Going Pro, means being a good person 

18:00 - “Bet on yourself” Wheeler

19:00 - “I kept working” Rogers

21:00 - Advice for High School Athlete

24:00 - Find organizations to promote your growth

26:00 - Had to mature in college

28:00 - Moving forward is better than being stagnant

30:00 - Social Media changed recruiting 

32:00 - Don’t get caught up in names of schools

35:00 - Posterized a dude, still looking for the film LOL

37:00 - Last 3 outs, caught stealing at 2nd to win game

40:00 - Staying involved with the home community

42:00 - COVID cancelled the season

45:00 - Tested Positive for COVID

48:00 - Advice for student athlete who wants to play in college after high school

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