Down The Line

Episode 12 - John E. Mosley, East Los Angeles College Head Basketball Coach, Father, Man of Faith

April 11, 2021 Host Roy Austin Season 1 Episode 12
Down The Line
Episode 12 - John E. Mosley, East Los Angeles College Head Basketball Coach, Father, Man of Faith
Show Notes

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Host Roy Austin welcomes John E. Mosley, East Los Angeles College Head Basketball Coach to the show. Coach Mosley and his ELAC basketball program were featured on eight Netflix episodes  in Last Chance U-Basketball. 

Last Chance U-Basketball has 100% review on rotten tomatoes and is a must watch.

Coach talks faith, COVID, leadership and has tons of encouraging words for our listeners.

Enjoy the show. 

Talk to you soon, down the line. 

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1:00- Welcome East Los Angels College - Coach John Mosley 

2:00- Life is about responding 

3:00- We all got to be coached

5:00- Trying to pickup the pieces due to COVID

6:00- Can you win the day? - Doc Rivers 

7:00- Everybody wake up. Be Positive- Coach John 

8:00- A man of faith 🙏🏼

10:00- Lashaunda is a teacher 

11:00- Great Family time during COVID

12:00- How do you keep the players focused 

13:00- players have faced disappointment 

14:00- We provide hope with words - Coach 

15:00- Coach is trusted by his players 

16:00- Have faith to move mountains 

17:00- Roy relates to Joe Hampton 

18:00- straight out of South Central LA

19:00- jumped into a gang, drive by shooting didn’t want to be there 

20:00- Basketball changed his direction. Still has ELAC assist avg per game record. 

21:00- Mission trips help us more than others 

22:00- Bill Oates was my mentor

23:00- John Wooden tree of coaching 

24:00-Take in the meat, spit out the bones 

25:00- Learned coaching from a Christian 

27:00- Recruiting is a tough business 

28:00- Coach does it the right way 

29:00-  Coaching is about compassion 

30:00- Gift of Discernment 

31:00- Colby Ranch Retreat Success 

34:00- Social Media, a false sense of reality 

36:00- It’s a process to have a good time 

37:00- I had value to the people I coached 

38:00- Do good things without broadcasting 

39:00- Chase Peace, not happiness 

40:00- Deshaun Highler was grieving 

41:00- Don’t live unsettled. 

42:00- Rules with out relationships

43:00- Coach has deep trust for players 

44:00- What did the Netflix show teach you?

45:00- Remember to impact others 

46:00- Have a good support system 

47:00- Reel ‘em in with the smile 

48:00- Just do it. You’ll have success 

50:00- Colby Ranch Trip

51:00- Kobe Bryant’s Death

52:00- Coach Rob finds #24 jerseys

53:00- Kobe Bryant meant everything to LA

54:00- State of JUCO ball

55:00- Advice for Student Athletes 

56:00- Next Week

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