Down The Line

Episode 8 - Cristian Plascencia, Durable Athlete CEO

February 28, 2021 Host Roy Austin & co-Host Chris P. Season 1 Episode 8
Down The Line
Episode 8 - Cristian Plascencia, Durable Athlete CEO
Show Notes

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Roy Austin from Austin and Chris P. take the show back home to Austin. We interview Cristian Plascencia, CEO of the Durable Athlete and whisperer to many professional athletes. We talk  to Coach Cristian about his journey from early on interest in fitness to becoming a highly sought after mobility guru. You don't want to miss the conversation with Coach if you experience any stiffness or have trouble sleeping.

1:00 - Welcome 

2:00- Austin Snowed In

4:00- How got started in training 

7:00-Found Joy in Strength & Conditioning 

9:00- I’m from Salinas, CA 

12:00- You are a Coach

13:00-Current State Of Gym Training 

15:00- Austin Bowie vs Judson 

16:00- The Durable Athlete CEO 👨🏻‍💼 

18:00- Sign up for Durable Athlete

20:00- People Love Tortillas 

21:00- Four Pillars of Durable Athlete 

23:00- The effects of a good program 

25:00- Movement and Mobility is Key

26:00- Sleep as Much as You Can

27:00- My Energy. I Care. 

28:00- Use a lot of tools to succeed 

30:00- I was down but not out. 

33:00- What you put in the body matters 

35:00- How can I improve? Sleep. 

37:00- Chris P. is a 🏀Defensive liability 

38:00- How do we sleep better?

40:00- Get Natural Sunlight 

41:00- Limit Caffeine 

43:00- How do you Relax?

45:00- Wim Hof Breath (Google Wim) 👀

48:00- Let Life Take It’s Course 

49:00- Coach will beat you at NBA2K

51:00- Advice for Performance Coaches 

We wish Coach Cristian and his athletes the best of luck this year.

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