Down The Line

Episode Six - Marissa King, Olympic Gymnast for Team Great Britain

February 21, 2021 Host Roy Austin & co-Host Chris P. Season 1 Episode 6
Down The Line
Episode Six - Marissa King, Olympic Gymnast for Team Great Britain
Show Notes

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Roy Austin from Austin and Chris P. take the show to Great Britain. We interview Marissa King, Team Great Britain Olympic Gymnast.  We talk  to our Olympic hopeful about, Marissa's prep career in England, her Olympic Journey, 11 time All American as a Florida Gator and how COVID has hurt gymnastics, unlike most major sports in the USA. 

Marissa has a wealth of knowledge that she drops on us and fills our listeners in on what it takes to become an Olympic Gymnast at the highest level.  Get this, she is in Austin, Texas and available to coach your kids. Tune in now.

1:00 - Welcome 
2:00 - Why are you in Austin, TX?
4:00 - Marissa is training Gymnast in Austin
5:00 - National Elite Gymnastics- Austin
7:00 - How do you overcome fear?
9:00 - I love gymnastics 
11:00- Gymnastics is a brutal sport 
13:00- Difference of Gymnastics in US vs UK
15:00- Just play to get an opportunity 
16:00- Florida, Stanford or UCLA
19:00- Your favorite event, The Floor
21:00- Most nervous event 
23:00- Current state of gymnastics 
26:00- Staying inspired during COVID 
28:00- You need to hire Coach Marissa King
31:00- Marissa is a natural with Geography 
32:00- Never give up, Keep fighting
35:00- Next Week

We wish Marissa and Team Great Britain the best of luck this year.

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