Down The Line - Season 2 Podcast Artwork Image

Down The Line - Season 2

Host Roy Austin & Co-Host Chris P.

We really love what people are doing in sports. Join us each week as our Down The Line team Roy Austin and Chris P. host guest speaker. Our conversations with Agents, Athletes, Coaches, General Managers and Health Professionals that will take us on a brain journey.This podcast will discuss sports topics that matter to our listeners such as; current events, student athlete recruiting, training, character development, nutrition, technology, culture and fashion.Down The Line is on a serious mission to increase your success in whatever you do for yourself. Reach your body, mind and soul by listening to what others are experiencing around you.We strive to feed our curiosity by learning about the experiences of our guest and subjects. Our conversations aim to reach our listeners by instilling positive habits and deeper understandings of how to be your own effective athlete. All athletes and non-athletes are encouraged to subscribe to our Podcast. Sponsored by Varsity Sports Spotlight. Visit us at .